Fixmo Announces Strategic Partnership with Veracode to Secure the Enterprise from Mobile Software Application Risks

Veracode’s Cloud-Based Application Platform Complements Fixmo Sentinel’s Powerful Device Assurance, Policy Compliance and Device Auditing Capabilities for Mobile Devices

May 2, 2011,

Orlando, Fla.

Fixmo® Inc., a leading provider of secure end-to-end lifecycle management solutions for mobile devices, today announced a strategic partnership with Veracode, Inc., provider of the world’s only independent cloud-based application risk management platform. The combination of Fixmo’s Sentinel software with Veracode’s mobile application security verification service will give Fixmo customers a comprehensive solution that helps ensure the integrity of mobile applications and sensitive enterprise data.

“Integrating Sentinel with the Veracode platform will enhance Sentinel’s device assurance, policy compliance and device auditing capabilities,” said Rick Segal, co-founder and CEO of Fixmo. “The combination of Sentinel and Veracode’s cloud-based security verification service allows us to easily extend our offerings to customers seeking to strengthen their mobile infrastructures.”

Veracode’s mobile app security verification service complements Fixmo’s Sentinel software by enabling enterprises to identify threats to the confidentiality, integrity or availability of their mobile applications and the data that flows through them. The integration between the two solutions also helps identify common software vulnerabilities such as Cross-Site Scripting, buffer overflows and data exfiltration.

“Our partnership with Fixmo will encourage greater awareness around the need for organizations to understand and proactively address mobile application security vulnerabilities,” said Chris Reisig, senior vice president of sales and business development, Veracode. “Partners like Fixmo gain a competitive advantage by leveraging our proven application security testing platform to deliver a complete solution to identify and eliminate insecure code from mobile applications while influencing risk-aware software development best practices.”

Fixmo’s Sentinel device integrity assurance software remotely tracks an organization’s mobile devices to ensure they start and remain in a known, trusted state. Sentinel enables users to gain all the benefits of mobile connectivity, while confidently securing and managing all mobile devices across the enterprise.

Sentinel features near real-time compromise detection and reporting, centralized administration, a device dashboard that can perform instant over-the-air device locks or wipes, a mobile administration client and detailed event records and system logging. Policy and device audit features ensure organizations are compliant with data privacy and corporate compliance policies.

About Fixmo Inc.

Fixmo Inc. is a leading provider of secure end-to-end lifecycle management solutions for mobile devices. Fixmo provides enterprises with powerful tools to manage the risk associated with mobile devices, giving customers device assurance, policy compliance and device auditing.

Since launching Fixmo Tools in early 2010, the company has added solutions that address challenges enterprises face dealing with the complexity and risk of mobile devices in their workforces.