Fixmo Unveils SafeZone, a Risk Management Solution for Personal Mobile Devices in the Workplace

SafeZone Addresses the Consumerization of IT With Powerful Solution Resulting from Co-Operative R&D Agreement With National Security Agency

Orlando, Fla., Oct. 17, 2011

At the Gartner ITxpo, Fixmo today unveiled Fixmo SafeZone, a powerful new solution to manage the risk associated with employees' personal mobile devices on company networks. Fixmo SafeZone empowers the secure use of personal devices on a company network by creating a defense grade, encrypted, secure container--the SafeZone--on personal devices. Fixmo SafeZone also incorporates powerful integrity services from Fixmo Sentinel, the company's flagship mobile risk management (MRM) platform.

SafeZone is a result of Fixmo's Co-Operative Research and Development Agreement (CRADA) with the National Security Agency/Central Security Service, as represented by the Information Assurance Directorate (IAD). Through the agreement, Fixmo and the NSA/CSS collaborate on research and development of technologies related to mobile risk management.

"For compliance and privacy officers, the 'bring your own device' workplace presents a difficult risk-reward balance. Companies want to allow their employees to use their preferred devices, but they are uncertain how to manage the corresponding risks related to data access, policy compliance and integrity," said Rick Segal, CEO of Fixmo. "With Fixmo SafeZone, our customers can optimize the usage of personal devices while managing risks, maintaining control and ensuring security and privacy."

Using SafeZone, risk management, compliance and privacy officers gain control of the enterprise data and applications on personal mobile devices while respecting employee privacy. Companies can safely allow these devices onto their networks while restricting application and data access and ensuring device integrity and policy compliance. Likewise, employees can continue to use their mobile devices for personal use without any restrictions, while being assured that their personal information remains private.

Key features and benefits of SafeZone include:

-- Defense-grade encryption: Fixmo SafeZone utilizes certified FIPS 140-2 AES 256 bit encryption both within the SafeZone (data-at-rest) and within the organization's enterprise infrastructure (data-in-transit);

-- Full delineation between company and private data: the enterprise controls SafeZone and the usage policies while the employee controls everything outside of SafeZone for their continued control over their privacy and device in general;

-- Complete, secure access to organizational data such as corporate email, PIM data and files;

-- Data control without a centralized NOC: Fixmo SafeZone is one of the only mobile messaging solutions that does not rely on a centralized NOC. The relay is placed inside the customer's network, and data remains safely within the organization until destination devices are ready to receive them;

-- Complete access to standard enterprise applications such as Microsoft SharePoint and Microsoft Office;

-- Control over applications: Fixmo's recently-announced partnership with App47 empowers customers to take command of their mobile applications, from seamless deployment through reliable management to powerful performance analytics;

-- Access to custom applications: Fixmo also provides APIs for developers to create custom, specific applications that can be used within SafeZone. In addition, legacy and third-party applications can also be embedded in the SafeZone.

Fixmo SafeZone is available to government agencies and selected enterprises under a CRADA Preview program. For more information, contact

About Fixmo

Founded in 2009, Fixmo Inc. is the mobile risk management (MRM) company that empowers organizations to mitigate risks around mobile deployments. Using Fixmo's solutions including its flagship Sentinel product, enterprises and government agencies ensure the integrity, compliance and auditability of every device used by their mobile workforce. Through a technology transfer agreement, Fixmo has commercialized and further advanced powerful MRM technologies initially developed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). The company is headquartered in Sterling, VA with offices in Toronto. For more information about mobile risk management visit or follow @fixmo on Twitter.