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Center of Innovation
Canada is an incubator for many of today's emerging technology innovators. Fueled by visionary entrepreneurs and strong governmental R&D incentives and policies, we see groundbreaking technology opportunities throughout the country.  Rho Canada Ventures' mission is to collaborate with Canada's deep pools of skilled entrepreneurial executives, as well as the country's leading academic institutions and research laboratories, to commercialize new technologies that challenge the status quo.

The Rho Network
Rho Canada Ventures draws extensively on its relationship with Rho Ventures in the U.S., which has a 30-year history of investing in entrepreneurial companies. The Rho Canada Ventures team is actively supported by Rho Venture’s investment professionals in New York & Palo Alto, and their deep network of entrepreneurs, technology experts, customers, partners and investors around the world. Rho Canada Ventures leverages this network in managing deal flow, conducting due diligence, making investment decisions, adding value post-investment and anticipating and structuring exit opportunities. This collaboration produces an investment model that is highly differentiated from any other venture firm in the Canadian marketplace.

Rho Canada Ventures strives to bring more to its portfolio companies than capital alone. We’ve walked in our portfolio companies’ shoes as entrepreneurs and CEOs of startups. We understand what it takes to succeed and we focus on providing the right support, advice and feedback to challenge our companies to reach their greatest potentials. Our approach creates a partnership with entrepreneurs, so together, we can find the right path every step of the way.

Our partners have more than 80 years of combined entrepreneurial, venture investment and operational experience in both the United States and Canada and also have served on more than 60 boards as investors and VCs.






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